MABAC League

Pyrford Puffers is proud to be a member of the MABAC league.  MABAC was founded in 1865 as a league of a dozen local running clubs to the south-west of London.  Originally standing for Matthew Arnold school and British Aircraft Corporation, MABAC is still going strong long after BAC was nationalised to form part of British Aerospace in 1977.

The MABAC league holds regular events throughout the year.

Sunday 15th January Windsor Great Park 13k MAGIC
Sunday 26th March Cranleigh 15/21 24k or 34k Open
Sunday ??th April Winterfold Forest 8k CR
Sunday 21st May Farnham Park 8k BVR
Sunday 11th June Holmwood 8k DMV
Sunday 23rd July The Surrey Slog ??k Open
??th August Wimbledon Common 8k WW
Sunday ??th September Lightwater Country Park 8k RR
Sunday ??th October Nonsuch Park 8k EO
Sunday 19th November Farley Heath 8k Pyrford Puffers