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The Windsor 2017 MABAC results are in.

A very good Puffer turnout. 16 Brave and intrepid Puffers were at Windsor. Good runs by all who were there. Thanks to all who supported the Puffers today.

For those who have read Bill Bryson, you will recall that his father was a baseball writer – possibly the best ever. The job of the writer is to tell a story and sell papers. With a good bit of imagination and a reasonable command of English plus in interest in the sport and yes knowledge does help a story can be crafted. However, it is only the participants who truly know about the event. Their personal experience is an event within and event. Whatever I write is really only one view. Each person will have their own perspective. I hope that all who were at Windsor today enjoyed their run.

We had a very surprising turnout. Puffers never fail to surprise. A wet day and yet we had full men’s and lady’s teams with some to spare. Puffers have a solid core of runners and if we can build around and support this core good results will come or perhaps should I say even better results will come because today was a very good result.

The order of finishing is on the attached list and a few comments are added. Our first two home were Rob Morris and David Rider. It was a close finish between the two with Rob looking a little fresher of the two. Ian and Paula Holmes followed with Ian having a bit of an edge but not much Paula was our first lady. Not too far behind were Laurence Flavell, Roger Clarke (good to see Roger back running) and Rob Lewis who completed our 6-man team. John Hopes ran a pretty good time. A little down on last year but not by much. Pieter van Olst and Michael Reilly followed with Justin Heath, a guest and nephew of Barbara Rossouw,   Mir who says that he is definitely committing to running this year, braved the rain. Barbara Rossouw was the next lady and it should be noted that Barbara is possibly instrumental in bringing Justin and George along so a double contribution from Barbara. Steve Westlake and Linda Bannon our third lady completed the field.

A very good job well done.

The next MABAC cross country event is in April – Winterfold. Plenty of time to prepare. There is the Cranleigh 15/21 on the 26 March and helpers are needed. I gather that it is Mothering Sunday, not Mothers Day.

Do not forget that next Saturday is our dinner at The Anchor. If not yet signed in there is a very small window of opportunity to do so. Just send the email and payment to follow asap.

Saturday at The Bridge, Sunday by arrangement and Wednesday by democratic vote are Puffer runs. Open to all and the more the merrier.

To ensure that everyone is kept informed the occasional email and Facebook posting will continue and come April it will be back to summer running.

Sunday 19 November 2017 Puffers Farley Heath. One and all will be needed on the day. Please make a big note in your diaries.

Christopher Nash

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